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HeArt Letter ☯1 Dec.2017

Reflecting on

a Miracle as it IS what we call Life
.. expressing in ever inspiring Joy of experiencing One Self in the Creation

Sat Chit Ananda
Now is Time i decided to share recent, present developments at ChiTree Heim Office Studios of inspiration flowing into me and out  through (my aka) Rhythmic Hand of healing brush on this journey which i am gratful on and happy to welcome You here for the first Session.

It may be that this conent will be navigated through time intuitively without a fixed beginning nor end as there is no linear concept right here. I am just pouring out what appears and is reflected upon

Thank You for Your Being Here
and Your Support by Being SO

Energised Flowing Art

as painting takes me on a continuation..without beginning nor end..) and no destination other then returning to being NowHere, while from stillness a double Helix Spinning around it's vortex within space/akash - the energetic Prana/Qi field  incorporating the elements in subtle magnetic form, 'airy liquid'ish .. intangible yet expressing in vibration. That moves me, the rhythmic hand alligning through it, connecting the dots with swinging lines

Starting from an empty Canvas/Space as a projection Screen .. yet revealing with each touch what has been here. Now being rememebred, memorised in color on syncronising, growing, harmonising shapes.
Every Original Painting can be reconstructed as painted Energised print which is custommade in size and material turning out to be an unique artpiece of it's own. I enjoy the process very much, diving into the energy of each motiv and related vibratory field..not merely remaking but continuing and reconnecting.

As for the Chakra Series which is finally in the completing steps for this cycle of three years since painting the first piece .. it is in the nature of the 'matter' that it keeps changing and expanding, transcending form, given a geometric Lotus structure, guiding the alignment of freeflow into divine order, which is all inclusive.

What i am discovering in the process is a syncronisation and mirroring of energy in motion, dancing with the elements within space, creating a Mirage rfelecting on the fomless.
Hmm, that may explain my deep connection with Maya माया , and Lila लीला - the divine play :). On which Subject i rather recommend a Recorded Talk given by the great
Alan Watts:

As the first edition of Chakra Paintings is coming to a full cycle .. it is being continued and with each energised artwork being actualy revived.

So for the next chapter i'll be working with my friend @InPHInity Design on engraved wooden framed editions. Looking forward to this as well. Will keep you updated on that!

Motion Sketchz



- Vishuddha Artprint, Enrgised Artwork

- Motion Sketch clip

- Swing with a Spin Painting Session

- Qi flow exercise


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