Diving in PaiNt

a personel Note

a Few days after plant medicine ceremonies i’ve been puzzling myself back together,
still Physically challenged and even more during this past days as a process has come to a climax it seems in experiencing dis-ease..coping with burning pain trying to stand up, as if the skin was tearing apart, firy red and inflammed..for the balance.. i felt welcoming the chance to paint a deep blue theme in an opening bed&breakfast not far from the city center of amsterdam.

Moments of surrender, despair and again grateful Moments of Rise Up with the brush in the hand to continue and see the creational flow grow..

jellyfish and glowing aquatic creatures floating around, wish i had the energy to complete it and enjoy a bit of some urban flavours around..so far..happy to be here now collecting memories and future moments to come being at home..

as the creator likes me to heal ..
carry on less burden and light weight

with love and a smile in the heart


with Love & Appreciation Inspired by Creation