Unique Art Print



Being asked what it means, regarding ‚Energised‘ artprints

i like to compare it with energised water, as it is being spinned and spiraled restoring the organic cystal structure/ geometry by organic motion applied.

I apply layers of color and texture, spinning the brush, addinglines and curves, color movement and structure to the canvas that wouldn’t be reproduced in identic form again, so to speak unique by itSelf,
close to an Original Painting, from basic layer to Full Energised-Semi-Original Painting  Each image finds sponataneous expression, a fresh context in the present moment.



Ask me/ Frage mich, zu Deinem Bild!

As Stillness moving in space..energised painted layer is giving it some enlightened touch as if he’s been sitting there all along in moving stillness..



with Love & Appreciation Inspired by Creation