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Elevated Options / MicroCosmic Space Odysee



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AlLigned #AbstraCt Nature ° Typollage #Painting #MixedMedia/Illustration  ^  DéCollage  ° MonoDual   ^ MicroCosmic STillLife Scenes # Analog-ital Sketchz ^ Moton in Stills ° Handmade-prints  ^   Products 


  motion in stills monodualistics  


rhythmic-handsigned Greetingz on canvas/carton Custom made
Autumn Give Outdonation based


Grounded to the Earth  Uplifted to the Sky  Loving the Abstract  Growing in Openness, stimulating Imagination in Continuation to Space Easing the Formation yet Relative by Nature just letting such flow, in Love for all Creation.





Higher Ground to Uplifted Matter




Make it GROW



MicroCosmic Still Life –  Scenes




Enjoy the View out of your own Space Wide in


in May 2014








Prints on Metal/Wood/Products:Cups,pillows,clocks,bags contact ChiTree





RhythmiC Hand Continuations


in the final lines of rhythmiC hand continuations: deer and lotus sky, details soon pieCe by where is a wall to bring it on for real!?









(eine erkundung nach linien der inspiraion frei von linien.. durch die stille der bewegung..fließend..einfach so) LoVe Harmony Abundance in Unlmtd. SpaCe let the mind be Free & danCe .. in Organic BalanCe connecting Heaven & Earth in Galactic Union ever Now


*in the Heart




My first Edition of Selected Works 2012/13 and more to come 2014

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Thanks for coming around * check out my latest  Works here or Contact me



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for some handmade Products such as Lightboxes and Transfer Prints on Wood or Metal



CTS-Product Catalogue #1 of applied artworks

download as pdf here

all about a choice of my products in the making..
still looking for my own production in hand with choice of materials
Conatact me for details, requests and ideas to share and
work together on this and other Projects to come!



RefleCtionz of Rhytmic Wind to Resonant Night into Galactic Seeds


from ChiTreeSign to Blue Rhythmic Hand
Opening for new Doors of Inspiration in Space°^
in this so called 2014 & non-linear beyond..
LoVe & Light in Creation

Present RefleCtionz

of no past & no Future in existenz

HeArt – Release

Grounded to the Eart Up..Lifted to the Sky .. in between the BalanCe..Swinging Low..&..Swinging high..
as a Spiral Galaxy Spinning to Untigh..the Kundalini Enrgy..Rising to the Eye/iNi


“Words are not it” – Seriez in process


°RefleCtnz^ Spirit by Nature

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Mind Sketchz


ChiTreeSign at pART 2013





ChiTree Loves 2 Paint 2013





°La Vida^





Torus and abstract Sacred Geometry in Wood on melting Snow with Sunflower in Mind


Mono°Chi^Dual°Tree Seriez Vol.1


an Uplifting 2013 .. °^ for All Peacemakers, Lovers and Maginficent Beings Out There in Here*Love

World faMouZ am Rhein

Sensor Ausgabe Januar 2013



Last Piece from 2012 from here be continued in the coming..°Rise^ in Balance to your True Cosmic Potential*Love

Strong – knowing my weakness
Fearless – recognising Illusion from real
Wise – learning from my mistakes

i n i Rise


On da mi Feet Chi plant di Seed this °analogital^ Fruit is grown All Naturally Sweet

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with Love & Appreciation * Thanks to Creation * all Artwork on this pages by ChiTreeSign 2014